We Get Sh*t Done

Own It
DigitalBits's problems are our problems and we are independent, resourceful, and responsible problem solvers. We take ownership and work diligently to drive solutions across the finish line – we never back down and we are not easily blocked.
Sweat the Details
We dive deep into the details to find the root cause. When problems are unclear or ambiguous, we ask why and keep digging to find the answer. We use data and facts to inform what is needed and most valuable. We succeed when we solve problems, not when we ship.
World Class
We Have Ambitious Standards
The path to world class is never ending. We determine our objectives and goals by setting our sights high, so we constantly challenge ourselves and strive to raise the level of our products, our teams and ourselves.
We Are Curious & Humble
We’re open minded and we like to discuss and debate thoughts, ideas and plans to broaden and further inform our beliefs and approaches. We know that ego prevents us from learning. We seek, accept and give feedback fearlessly to continue to grow personally and professionally.
Autonomy, Trust and Freedom
We try to trust people to get sh*t done. Speed matters. We take calculated risks to move quickly and are willing to be wrong so that we can learn the right solution. Our model is to increase the freedom of people as we grow, so we continue to attract and nurture innovative people, increasing the chance for sustainable success.
Awesome professionals
Imagine if every person on the team is someone you respect and learn from. Incredible workplace is not espresso coffee, lush benefits, sushi at lunch, big parties or beautiful offices. We do some of these things, but only if they are effective in attracting and retaining awesome professionals.

DigitalBits is growing

Grow with us!

Our project grows rapidly, and we constantly challenge ourselves, there is always an opportunity to be better. We strive to raise the level of our products, our teams and ourselves

We look for engaged professionals, people who stand out and make the difference. If you identify with our values come to be part of the team

Available opportunities:

Database Analyst
Support Analyst
Test Analyst
Customer Success Manager
Software Engineer
Product Designer
Product Manager
Systems Implementation
Systems Implementation
Systems Implementation
Systems Implementation
São Paulo
Systems Implementation
Rio de Janeiro
Systems Implementation
Systems Implementation
Porto Alegre

We are experts in Digital Products!

To create good software it takes a lot more than just developing many functionalities as possible, the IT industry has a graveyard of full products.

We believe that a deep knowledge and understanding of the triad: Business, User Experience and Technology, contributes significantly to the creation of successful products in an increasingly innovative and competitive market.

DigitalBits was created in 2014, focused on creating customized software for companies, pioneering the massive use of NodeJS technology in Brazil. After developing software for customers around Brazil, started to focus only on the development of Digital Products in the Software as Service model.

Today, our main mission is to revolutionize how medical clinics works in Brazil, with innovation, automation and increased productivity in all workflows from medical agenda to accounting.

Our biggest challenge in 2019 is to structure a team that lives up to our ambitious project, we are in a constant search for talents!


Do you want to talk about something? Please contact us or send us an email. We promise to get back to you soon as possible.

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